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Glad it’s helpful!

I’ll mention a couple other things just to head off potential frustrations:

1. I’m guessing you’re using new-ish clients, but just FYI you can’t Include= based on terminal name on versions prior to 5.something. I know for sure that 4.4 won’t do it so I have a legacy solution for our oldest clients.

2. Make sure that those two display settings files (sm.ini and dm.ini in the example I gave) *actually* have a .ini file extension. Since extensions for known file types are hidden by default in Windows 7, it was easy for me to forget and just create a text file. Easiest thing is just to make the files in Configuration Generator, or to make copies of your wnos.ini and then replace their content with the settings you want and rename them.

That probably seems incredibly obvious but it threw me for a loop when I was doing initial testing.