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Thank you ConfGen,

Regarding firmware updating I have the 7.1_207 update you mentioned. However, my supervisors do not want to roll out an update to every machine so quickly. I would like to update one or two using a USB method.

I have a problem with the USB method I cannot figure out though:

I have the software that creates a PUSH or PULL opperation on a USB flash drive. The update firmware I have is not the compatible type to write with the software ( I think the software needs an image file ). None of the firmware updates I have are in .rsp or .i2d format. I am able to PULL an image from my current thin clients. I was wondering if there is a way to change the firmware in that image file?

Is there another way to update the firmware through USB ( I’d preffer not use network updating for one machine ).

Thank you,
Kevin Rose