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This will only work if modifying the naming convention of the terminals is an option available to you, but here’s what I’m doing to determine which terminals get which RDP connection profiles:

Add a prefix or a suffix to all terminal names denoting whether they are single monitor or dual monitor. For example, if your terminals are named EastBranch01, Warehouse04, etc., you could add a two-letter suffix and make them EastBranch01dm and Warehouse04sm. Then put this line at the end of wnos.ini instead of specifying display settings:


and inside the wnosinc folder, create two files: sm.ini for the single-monitor settings, and dm.ini for the dual-monitor settings.

You could do it as a prefix using &Left instead of &Right, and it could be longer (or even one character if you like). It still involves the work of adding that information to each terminal name, but unlike creating separate mac.ini files for each machine, it scales well. Future effort is reduced to naming the client correctly.