Reply To: How to download hotfixes at Wyse ?

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This is true and as stated before, I am also not very happy with this.
Registering a client does not give you access to any WDM downloads. You would have to buy WDM maintenance to get access.
Assuming you are buying new devices that are not supported in your WDM version.
If you do have a valid maintenance, just upgrade your WDM server and you are fine.
If not, you can either install a second WDM server with the newest WDM version as your a eligible to it. Or you would have to buy an upgrade for all old clients and move them to the new server.

IGEL is not bad and the Mgmt SW is really looking nice and easy. But they have their issue also. They do not support as many clients in one console as WDM, they are not as flexible in the console when it comes to grouping or scripting your own packages.
You are correct that the first impression is nice. But dig a little bit deeper before you make up your mind.