Reply To: Upgrade from 4.8.5 to 4.9 Error

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I had the same issue … or better still have it …

The error you receive says, that a requested database table is missing.
The table needed for the new feature “Recurring Schedules” is not created during update process.

According to Wyse support there are two options:
– call support and ask them to assist at some SQL surgery of the more complicated kind (makes only sense when you already have a lot of managed devices)
– install 4.91 from scratch

What platform are you running ?
I’m on 2k3 – Installation Guide says for 4.91 Windows Server 2k8 is required.
Maybe this already is the reason why upgrading to 4.91 doesn’t work.
By using snapshots on my virtual machine I was able to play around a bit.
Even a fresh install of 4.91 didn’t work on 2k3 so I assume you are to upgrade your platform to 2k8 to get it running.

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