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We also have ipvpn and a /24 subnet on each location. We have got this to work.

We have s10, c10le, t10, x90m7 and x90c7 that all connect against the WDM 4.9.1 installation.

We experienced the same problems as you describe. The problem was that the version of wtos was to old to be found when searching. We solved this with adding dhcp options in the dhcp server and the checked in this way. We are planning to upgrade the wtos clients in the near feature.

If you read the release notes for wdm 4.9.1 this might help you:

“Upgrade of Windows CE6.0 devices (C30LE, S30, V30L/V30LE)
If you have Windows CE 6.0 devices, a WDM agent (version is separately available for download from product download section.”

Since we don’t have Windows CE at our site I am not sure but it seems like you have to upgrade the wdm agenton the S30s if you are not able to use dhcp options.

This is just my experience and if I am wrong in any assumptions I hope ConfGen corrects me. He has helped me several times already on this forum.