Reply To: Problems to push/pull images from WDM to WES7

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Hey, I am experiencing the same issue. I was able to push out my custom image to 12 brand new terminals successfully, 2 weeks ago. BUT when I attempted to push out the same image last week to 2 brand new terminals from the same shipment of the first 12. I got the same problem you have. It asked for the Client IP, Subnet, WDM Server IP etc… and even though I entered in the correct info…. It would error out and reboot to the original OS partition…

**** I worked with a WYSE Technician for 3 hours on Friday to resolve this issue but came up no answers/results.

What was the solution for you? What was causing the issue?

I am able to push out the default boot agent & WES7HAgent with no issues but when I push my OWN custom image I get the same error, please update.