Reply To: WES7 Z90D7 – Change Userrights

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Hi Siggi,

even if your user would have administrator rights, he would not be able to save anything locally.
WES has a so called File Based Write Filter FBWF. This prevents any write attempts. As an admin you can disable this, of course.
So the way for you to go would be
– find the registry entries that are beeing manipulated when changing resoultion, adding printer, etc.
– now add these to c:windowssystem32regpersistence.ini
– maybe also add file exclusion like ntuser.dat to the FBWF by adding
fbwfmgr.exe /addexclusion C: “Documents and SettingsUserntuser.dat” (or similar)

After all that use WDM to pull the image and push it other clients. Before pulling run c:windowssetupWes7_customsysprep4man.bat