Reply To: “Unable to attach the WDM database” during WDM 4.9

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Well my problems wasn’t over!

After installation (without ANY errors AT ALL!) I launched the WDM console only to find a completely empty MMC. Trying to start Service Log only resulted in an error stating it was not able to get GUI HTTP port. I found an article with a problem similar to mine ( and tried reinstalling it (the uninstall also wiped the database – GREAT! 🙁 ) but still to no avail. I ran diagnostics on the WDM server which were all green lights and success (so, everything is working, except it is not – where would I be without that diag util 😕 )

In desperation I did a no-brainer install on a laptop with the default lic code and SQL Express DB (and on the first attempt it failed to mount the DB and it wasn’t until I found a second laptop, it installed – hmmm) and started comparing directories, registry and databases. After hours of searching I saw that on my production DB the license table was empty. So I entered the information from the laptop install into the production DB which gave me more than an empty MMC! WUHUU! I got a couple of errors on the way to the license config but finally I was able to add my enterprise license and got it activated. Oh, and by the way only enter information in the Sales column (I used the default workgroup key the installer presents during install but without the dashes) in the License table otherwise WDM console thinks you have been tampering with the license and will shut down!

Just thought I would let you guys know in case anyone had this issue. 🙂

(and thank you Wyse for wasting so much of my time! 👿 )