Reply To: Unable to manage R10L’s through WDM

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For other who run into this:

7.1_122 was released in conjunction with WDM 4.9.1

earlier versions of WDM will not communicate properly with 7.1_122 and high versions of ThinOS and you’ll need to run 7.1_033 if you are on WDM 4.9. WDM 4.9 and ThinOS 7.1_033 will check in fine, can be rebooted / shutdown / wake on LAN fine

I downgraded all the clients to 7.1_033 and they are communicating fine with WDM. once i’ve upgraded other clients I will be able to upgrade to WDM 4.9.1 and re-flash all of our terminals to 7.1_122 (or 7.1_207)