Reply To: Unable to manage R10L’s through WDM

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Something weird I just noticed as well; some of the clients are listed as our domain in WDM, and some have nothing listed under domain. We have 1 R10L running 7.1_033 and all the rest are on 7.1_122.

The 7.1_033 I can’t mess around with for a few hours as the person using it is still here, but it seems to refresh the information (at least the last checkin gets updated when I do that) and is listed as being on our domain (though we’ve never joined them to the domain that I know of).

The 7.1_122 terminals that are and aren’t on the domain don’t seem to be responding to the requests to update information. The only time the last checkin seems to update is when they restart (which makes sense)

The clients all check in when they boot, but I can’t manually refresh device information. The C30LE, S30, V30, and old Franklin terminals we have can refresh device information fine and update the checkin times accordingly