Reply To: Best way to update a single Xenith Pro’s firmware?

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Don’t try any further. This will not work.
I guess you are using ftp to configure and update all clients centrally.
Why not using the same way to update only one client?
Create a folder /inc inside the wnos folder. Place a mac.ini file in there, eg. 008064123456.ini and put Autoload=2 in it.
Then put
Include=$mac.ini in the xen.ini or wnos.ini, depending on what you are using. But make sure you put that parameter AFTER the autoload=0 (has to be in there) parameter that is already in your xen.ini .
Also make sure that the name of the mac.ini file corresponds to the correct mac address of the one client you want to upgrade.
Now save the test firmware in the default wnos folder and reboot your test machine.