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Hi CG,
I’m reluctant to do that as I have about 100 users / device setup / running as a terminal server /RDS . If I put the CB info in the wnos.ini file wouldn’t that make all the devices point to the connection broker. I’ve manually set up one device to point to the CB, which I’m testing on.

I’ve built a new virtual CB and adjusted settings on the test device to point to that one. A lot of my problems have gone away. When I log into the device using the test users I see one connection set up. When I click on that connection, the Win7 box will start up. I’ve been able to attach several USB devices (a printer, a smartboard, CD/DVD).

What is the behavior that I should see once the device is set up the right way? Should it start up, log into the win7 box, and present the desktop with no further user intervention after the initial WYSE log in screen?