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First off thank you very much for all your help. Not sure how you find these links on the Wyse website, but tonight I created a new clean 2k3 VM, installed IIS and FTP, then installed this version of WDM. After a few reboots I extracted 596.0Wye88_VL30.exe and created a package. I configured the subnet and let it scan, it found my one powered on terminal. I tried to rename and reboot and that worked. I applied the image and that appeared to work. Watching the screen it flipped to a message stating the firmware was being updated. That ran a good while, after a reboot it’s right back to the locked down version. Tried again, it ran the install again, no errors, no odd messages, reboot and poof, right back to the original locked down image.

I tried holding down shift and log out, it just auto logs back in. Tried CTRL+F4 and logout, same results.

What could be wrong now?

I decided to pull the config from the unit, once that was done I found the settings.reg file and changed the line that read EnableAutoLogin=dword:1 and changed that to a zero and reapplied the changes. Now I am presented with a login screen, problem is administrator does not work for the ID and password, password does not work either.

I do see a TerminalSecurityUserAccountsAdmistrator line and the next line reads:

Could I change that to monkey and would that then make the password monkey?