Reply To: Xenith Pro not applying xen.ini after upgrading firmware

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Good news!

I figured out the issue…

The problem stemmed from the url specified for DHCP option 161.

As a poor-man’s solution to load balancing, we have two servers hosting the WYSE web services (xen.ini, etc) with a DNS round robin URL specified to redirect traffic to one of the two at random depending on network load.

With the previous firmware this was no problem, the terminals read the round robin url ( and were forwarded to the wyse file servers ( and/or with no problems. The new firmware apparently does not like this setup, can’t find the file server, and thus doesn’t read the xen.ini file hosted on said servers.

I updated DHCP option 161 to specify the file server’s URL directly. By pointing it to xddc1 it connects immediately, applies the xen.ini settings, and everything is golden. The terminals using the older firmware are also able to use this setting so this change has no impact on the ones in production.

This solves the functionality of the terminals, but obviously counteracts our attempt at load balancing by specifying only one file server.

My new question is whether or not it is possible to specify multiple URLs for DHCP option 161. I tried entering both xddc1 and xddc2 addresses separated by a comma, then with a semi colon but both attempts broke it again.

Is there a way to either use DNS round robin redirection for this option or to specify more than one URL for the WYSE file server in DHCP?

Thanks a ton!