Reply To: Xenith Pro not applying xen.ini after upgrading firmware

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Thanks for the suggestions!

The xen.ini is named correctly; the extension end in .ini.
The permissions also appear to be set correctly. All terminals using the version firmware are able to pick up and use xen.ini with no problems, it is only the 2.0.015 terminal that is having the problem.

We did some further testing with a packet sniffer and found that when on 1.7.130 communication between the terminal and the rest of the network operates as expected however when flashed to version 2.0.015, some weird things seem to happen: Per the data retrieved using Wireshark, the packet traffic shows that the terminal is assigned an IP by DHCP however it times out when booting after being stuck at the “Contacting file server” message. If I cancel the network check, the terminal’s system information screen shows that no IP is assigned.

We then tried to connect it to an isolated VLAN and played with our DHCP settings to see if we could isolate what is causing the issue. We found that when on the new VLAN the terminal receives an IP from DHCP if we do not apply the 161, 162, and 181 options. The only difference between this isolated VLAN and the one in production is that these options are applied in production and are missing entirely from the isolated VLAN.

Here are the relavent DHCP options that are active on the production VLAN:

Option Value

Note that the value for option 162 is blank. When originally configuring the terminals that are using firmware version we found that any other value (, $, etc) would not work.

All terminals using firmware version work perfectly with the DHCP options listed above, it is only the 2.0.015 terminal that has problems with these options.

I’m hoping that the issue may be as simple as changing one or more of these DHCP options. Are you aware of any compatibility issues with the newer firmware with these options? Per the admin documentation that came with the image, everything should be unchanged from the earlier versions so I’m at a loss as to why things aren’t working since we made no changes and the other terminals are experiencing no problems at all…

As always, thank you very much for any suggestions or assistance!