Reply To: Remote Shadow on Wyse R10L

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Ok – so I got that figured out, thanks for pointing out where that file is located on WDM

I have one last question that we ran into recently.

We have an FTP server that now shuts down every night so we can get an image of it (VM).

Our terminals sit at the published desktop login screen (2008 R2) and restart ~every minute, go through the process, and then sit at that screen again. They repeat this process until someone logs in

The issue I’m running into is that now when they restart while our FTP server is down, they can’t get the configuration file and thus they sit at the main screen and users need to manually restart them in the morning when they come in. One restart fixes them because they see the FTP server and get the correct configuration file.

So, what I want to do is make it so the terminal will shut down when the last active session is closed instead of restarting like it currently does. I’ve tried using Shutdown=yes instead of Restart=yes but that didn’t change anything, and instead of shutting down the terminal just sits at the terminal’s blank desktop screen. Is there a way to make it so the terminal shuts down instead of restarting when the last active session is closed?