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Yep – I always use the Slot 1 DVI port so that’s not an issue

I tried setting the resolution from 1920×1080 to 1600×900 (to keep the same 16:9 ratio) and I still saw the same “double-pink” screen as in my original post

I also tried 1024×768 and the same thing occured

Just to note; when I connect via TightVNC, the popup window (that would normally be the remote shadow session) comes up at the proper resolution (1600×900, 1024×768, etc.) for what it should be, so it’s like TightVNC knows what resolution the terminal is broadcasting, it just displays that weird double-effect.

Are there any other good VNC programs I should try that are straight-forward like TightVNC?

Edit: Wow. For shit-n-giggles I tried connecting directly from our WDM server (which also runs TightVNC, not sure if that’s the default program that WDM uses but it’s what our launches when you right-click a terminal and select ‘Remote Shadow’) and it works perfect.

WDM is 4.8.5, I’m not sure how I can find out what version of TightVNC is running on there. I’m running 2.6 on my computer