Reply To: Xenith Pro not applying xen.ini after upgrading firmware

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No, none of the Xen.ini settings are applied at all regardless of what is in that file or any of the settings elsewhere in the Xenith Pro’s configuration.

If it is set to connect to the network using a DHCP assigned IP address it never connects. During boot up the system gets stuck at the message indicating that it is querying DHCP for an IP address. After sitting at that message for about 5 minutes, the system restarts and returns to that message, looping infinitely.

If I cancel the network connection with ctrl+esc and assign the terminal a static IP, it will resolve an IP and connect to the network bringing me to the factory default xendesktop user login prompt, however none of the settings in Xen.ini are applied.

For example, we have our domain set in Xen.ini and have this field removed from the user login prompt. We also have defined local admin credentials for all of the machines in the same xen.ini. These settings should be applied to all of the terminals however the one that was upgraded to the newer firmware (, once given a static IP, the login screen contains the domain field and you can enter admin mode with no credentials at all.