Reply To: Xenith Pro not applying xen.ini after upgrading firmware

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Thanks for the suggestions,

Entering a static IP allows it to get on our network and I am able to sign into Xendesktop with no problems, however none of the settings in the Xen.ini file are applied.

I’ve tried entering the the fileserver address manually in every possible combination I can think of however it is still not picked up. I know the fileserver and xen.ini are online and viewable as all of the other terminals on the earlier firmware version pick it up with no problem.

As a test I downgraded the problematic terminal back to 1.7_122 and it immediately picked up both DHCP and Xen.ini with no problems at all. As soon as I re-flashed it back to 2.0_015 the exact same problem recurred.

Any other ideas of things I can check?