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Glad my tool save you so much time. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a donation from you 🙁

Xenith is not supporting flash redirection at all. This would require a local flash player which is simply currently not available. I know Wyse is working on this with Adobe but no ETA.
I have posted a document in the product section for WTOS. This explains how to configure the client and server to get the best HDX Flash experience.
I guess this should help here.


I’ll have to remedy that!

Strange, on all the promotional items, in a video seen here ( and even on the product page (, they state “Xenith 2 delivers outstanding performance based on its system-on-chip (SoC) design optimized with its Dell Wyse Zero architecture, and a built-in media processor delivers smooth multimedia, bi-directional audio and Flash playback.”.

The video talks about a flash codec file that is transfered on boot to the Xenith 2 that allows local flash redirection. Even the Wyse rep said it supports full flash redirection when I ordered the eval, of course they don’t seem to have documentation again to support it (just like the original Xenith HDX fiasco).