Reply To: C10LE and Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 printing

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Thanks, it was possible – I did not have the right drivers on the pc image.

However, now additional problem.

I CAN get the printer to print when I manually enter the right things in the SMB fields on the wyse terminal , but you have to come out of the Xendesktop session on network B and enter credentials (username , pw and domain) for the printer on network A.

This means additional step for the user. I want it to be seamless.

I have tried putting the details in the config.ini but I cannot get the config.ini to successfully pass the credentials over to the wyse terminal. Every time it says ‘invalid credentials’ or ‘printer offline’.


Printer=SMB1 Host=PRINTMFD Name=MFD0003 PrinterID=”Xerox ColorQube 9301 PCL6″ enabled=yes PrintCredentials=yes Username=xxx Password=Password1 Domain=xxx

Is the syntax wrong. Should it be separated or all in one line?

Also on the config gen you have user details on the SMB tab and on the printer tab. What’s the difference?

Any advice to get this working I’d be very happy to receive.