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I have done more research and found some notes in some scripts on the file system that lead me to a way to enable the nm-applet on the panel via Wyse’s “Registry” I have not found a way to automate the configuration change or to have it persist in a customized image though.

Wyse apparently has a makeshift “Registry” in SUSE where they use links saved on the file system to store certain values in the path, these links are called during scripts in the setup and boot processes. I found no documentation on them, simply stumbled on it when trying to solve my issue. The registry items appear to be broken links as the paths are invalid, example ‘yes’.

Creating a link named ‘EnableNMApplet’ with the path of ‘yes’ in either in /etc/wyseroot/registry/System or /etc/wyseroot/regDefault/System gives the requested functionality, but does not persist through “G” ket reset or when the image is backed up “Pulled” then “Pushed” back down.

I would be happy If I were able to set this via INI or in a customized image so that the configuration can be set on all thin clients and persist after G key resets. So either being able to edit the script mentioned previously or having the registry settings persist in an image or from an INI setting would work, I just don’t know how to do either yet.