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Fantastic, I got this working by:

Your WDM FTP server is now configured for use with the Remote Shadow Add-On for the Wyse S30 thin clients. Here’s what you need to do to get it installed:

– On the s30 thin client click Start > Settings > Control Panel
– Double-click the Add-on icon
– Click the Add button
– Select the “Use Local FTP Information” circle button at the top of the screen then enter the following information:
o In the Server Name: box – 192.x.x.x
o In the Server Directory: box – /wyse/wlx/addons
o In the User ID: box – anonymous
o In the Password: box : you can enter whatever you want here, mash the keyboard if you want
– Now click the Upgrade button. Wait for the Warning window to appear and click the Start button. The addon will download and install automatically from the FTP server.
– Click the Reboot button when prompted
– Wait for the thin client to reboot
– In case you need to disable the VNC password click Start > Settings > Control Panel
– Double click Remote Shadown icon
– Remove the check mark from the Password Enable box then click the Apply Changes button and wait 10 seconds for the VNC service to be restarted
– Done

Need to get the IP of the thin client? Click Start > Settings > Control Panel then double click the System icon then click the System Info tab. The IP is listed in the IP Address: line