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As i wasn’t able to find the problem i reinstalled a new WDM server from scratch, factory reseted the Clients – no change. After we analyzed the traffic with wireshark we found out that the c10le was trying to contact two IPs that look like some sort of failback before it would contact the DHCP-provided WDM Server Adress. We decided to remove the WDM DHCP Option (186 if i remember correctly). This lead us to the following error:

11:40:34 DNS/WINS can't resolve [wdmserver]
11:40:34 Looking up WDM server by DNS SRV record ...
11:40:34 DNS/WINS can't resolve [_wdmserver._tcp.]

so we created the cname wdmserver.domain.tld (where domain.tld stands for our domain.) – BOOM boot within 9 seconds!
❗ Just be carefull as it looks like clients running WTOS <7.122 can't use the DNS Lookup feature.

At the moment i’m using WDM 4.9.1 workgoup edition (with ftp) and WTOS 7.127.