Reply To: WYSE S10 – Autoconnect to Published Desktop WTOS 6.5

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How do I force the connected session to run in acertain resolution? The terminal works at 1280×1024 but the desktop session doesnt.

Not possible if you login via PNagent service. You can create ICA connection manually (via wnos.ini) and define the resolution in there.

How do I force the session to completely log out when the user logs out of the desktop application? (The terminal remains logged in as them)

Put “AutoSignoff=yes” in your wnos.ini

How do I enable session reliability for sessions.

Put “SessionConfig=ICA SessionReliability=yes” in your wnos.ini

Finally, for some reason the terminal takes 2 attempts of picking up a DHCP when booted up…….any ideas?

Put “BootpDisable=yes” in your wnos.ini.