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I’m using WDM 4.9.1 and WTOS 7.1_033 on a C10LE and it still takes very long to contact the WDM server. To which WDM/WTOS version are you refering?


I am running WDM 4.8.5 and WTOS 7.1_033 on C10LE on a test client and getting the same issue, have not tried it on V10L yet.

It takes for ever to load 🙁

DHCP options 161 and 186 have been configured and tried entering DNS and IP values to see any differences; i found none.

I disabled Firewall and adding exceptions but still no performance gain.

I was only playing with it for a couple hours so any other ideas you could suggest would be fantastic, for now I will stick with 6.5 and early 7 revisions.