Reply To: V10LE units won’t do NTLM auth over a VPN lan-to-lan tunnel

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OK –

So it turns out that WINS is at least, a fix of some sort.

I enabled a WINS server, put it in the DHCP config of the far-side firewalls, and things work.

What I don’t understand is this:
– I have not had a WINS server on the network in a long time- we disabled our last one months before deploying these thin clients.
– WINS seems like a global fix- not something that would fix only the VPN attached thin clients.
If name resolution/browsing was the problem, I’d have expected all my thin clients in any routed network segment (aka different Vlan or over VPN link, since both are routed) to have failed.

Don’t understand how units on Vlans could work being on a different subnet/broadcast domain than the servers, yet the ones over VPN would not….