Reply To: V10LE units won’t do NTLM auth over a VPN lan-to-lan tunnel

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Did I scare you guys with mention of VPN?

I’ve noticed a number of views, but no one answered..


I know this is only happening over a VPN tunnel –
But nothing has changed in the FW config that we can find-

I’m not asking for VPN assistance –
Just hoping someone knows more details about the process or steps the V10LE might be using to log in with NTLM..

If I understood whether or not the V10s are sending the username/password directly to a domain controller themselves, or proxying that data back through one of the other servers, etc —

..I’d have a clue about how to understand what might be borked someplace…

Does NTLM _require_ a functioning WINS server?
Could there have been something in the thin clients config that isn’t in wnos.ini which is no longer working?

I will most definitely handle any parts of the firewall piece, just looking for some advice on which tree in the forest to look in…

Thanks for any help you can offer-
And again, if I’ve somehow tread upon the toes of the ‘rules’ for first-time posters, let me know that too..