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OK we got something working – set the ip of the manager on the client manually, edited the database so the manager runs on the right interface, and a lot of playing with it until I was able to pull the image from my client – yay!

Now when I go to push the image to another client, if it actually starts pushing and doesn’t just sit in the queue, it dies early on in the process – the Linux imager picks up dhcp, connects a couple of times to the management server, and then dies with the error:
/bin/sh: can’t access tty: job control turned off

And then it just sits at a prompt. Rebooting goes through the process over again and ends in the same place. I have to delete the job from the queue in the manager and reboot a couple of times in order for it to activate the OS partition and go back to Windows.


The only thing I can think of is that, since most of the clients are still pointed to our test management server, rather than manually update all of them to point to the proper server, I reinstalled WDM on the test machine and tried to push the image from there, expecting that the new image (which points to the right server) would fix it for us. But if it’s because I’m using a different instance of WDM, that’s a problem because we’re putting it on a laptop to push to other clients at a remote location instead of pushing a million gigs through a 6meg vpn pipe.

Another thing I noticed is that the package is type “Merlin” on the WDM instance I pulled it on, but on the other machine and on the laptop when I import it it’s of type “Wisard”. I’ll give it a try using the “convert to merlin” option and see where that goes.
That didn’t take long – new error:

Conversion Errors:

[Error:Could not download file /rapport/MECA_FSS/BCB0.i2d as C:UsersTWelchAppDataLocalTempTempSWPkgBCB0.i2d] [Ftp socket connection error:Not Available.][Ftp error:down failed. Could not get the file size.]

There is no i2d file in the image folder. This thread suggests the lack of an i2d file might be related to the job control error I’m getting.

In the machine I pulled from, it says image type: Merlin, in the second machine after import it says image type: Wisard. I checked the script, it says Merlin. Looks like it’s a manual update on all the clients to point to the new server, and pushing all these images over our VPN is the only way to go… Hope it works :/