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Thanks for you help. So here’s what I have done so far:
-In the IIS admin of our server that is the web front for xendesktop, it now has the .ini and . MIME types per the WYSE instructions.
-I created a xen.ini that i can get to if i go to http://amr-xenweb/wyse/wnos/xen.ini
-The following link has what I’ve set up on the DHCP server for the options.
As far as I can tell, the Xenith is not getting the xen.ini at all. The code below is the xen.ini I created. Let me know what else I need to do/where I screwed up.

; AMRESCO Xen.ini     Created by: March McLaughlin



IEEE8021X=yes network=wireless access=WPA2-PSK wpa2pskpwdEnc=PCGGLBCHMOAOJOGIIMEKNMENNKBKMMDK
Device=Wireless Mode=Infrastructure SSID=amresco Algorithm=SharedKey

SessionConfig=all mapdisks=no WyseVDA=yes VUSB_DISKS=yes VUSB_AUDIO=yes VUSB_VIDEO=yes VUSB_PRINTER=yes DefaultColor=2

@TommyTrut wrote:

You don’t need a WDM server to use xen.ini – just a web or ftp-server and setting DHCP options 161 (ip or FQDN of web/ftp server) and 162 (root path).
I have set up a web server (actually its the Xendesktop-WI I use) and placed a Wyse folder under wwwroot. xen.ini is placed in the wnos Iwhich is also where you can place the files for automatic software update of the Xenith) folder under the wyse folder and DHCP option 162 is set to “/”.
There is a good description in the admin-guide on how to set op the options and there is a sample xen.ini file available for download from Wyse’s web site.