Reply To: WDM 4.8.5 and 1200LE devices

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@ConfGen wrote:

One correction. 1200LE can check in to WDM 4.8.5 as long as WDM is running on Server 2003.
IIS 7 is not supported.



I have the same issue (will soon have the same issue)
My WDM server is running Windows server 2003 with IIS 6 and i want to upgrade this to 2008 R2 and the newest IIS version.

So essentially this would mean that i lose control over all my 1200LE devices? This is quite important for me as it’s used for inventory and it’s sort of a way to have control over our devices…

My main issue is that i have quite a lot of .ini files in my configuration and i am wondering if this will stop working when i upgrade my IIS server?