Reply To: USB-Redirection with VMware View and C50LE/R50LE not working

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@MO_Virtual wrote:

How did you end up disabling the tunnel security? Have you found another way to do it? Thanks! ❓

No, there seems to be no other way around it.

Apparently the View client is not able to redirect the USB into the secure tunnel.

Since our environment is in a small encapsulated MPLS network, I haven’t looked very much further until now, because there were a couple of problems with higher priority.
These are solved now and before we deliver VDs to customers outside the small controlled MPLS cloud, we have at the moment, I need to find a solution or View is simply not the technology to use. I will recheck every step on the tunnel setup and maybe find the choke point. If I do, I will report here as well.