Reply To: S50 128M: need more features – how to add, or upgrade Linux?

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Klasse, vielen dank 🙂

– installed the build 12 update via FTP by providing a wlx.ini file
– installed the Utils AddOn via ControlPanel/AddOns; test-launched the terminal console

Firefox is still based on Gecko 2006. I booted the latest DSL from USB – only 256 colors and RDesktop only flashing briefly trying to connect to our Win2k8 server, probably because of the color limitation. The browsers are also based on Gecko 2006 – oops.

The generic TLCOS (ThinLinc Client Operating System) 3.3.0 (based on Fedora 8) unfortunately requires 3GB installation space, way more than the S50’s 128MB ..

So at this point I’ll stop. I’ll write an email to WYSE to please update the Firefox package .. with a tiny little bit of hope that it’ll fruit.

Vielen Dank nochmals – war ja eigentlich gar nicht schwierig, gell? Au Weia, ab in die Koje ..