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@ConfGen wrote:

Go to Products – Wyse ThinOS and search for a document called “Password change in a Citrix environment ” on this website.


I realize this is an old thread but I have come here because our Wyse Thin OS devices (running 7.0.1_33) suddenly stopped enabling logons for those with expired passwords or must change password on next logon option set on their account.

WE had this fixed before using the following settings in our WNOS.INI file:

Signon=ntlm DisableGuest=yes
Passwordserver=”;″ Connect=RDP

edit: these IP addresses correspond to domain controllers

Now today we discovered that this is no longer working so I want to figure out how to make the ICA form of this work on the devices. I already checked out the document you referenced above but this refers to a delivery services console and a web interface management console which I don’t have. I’m on PS 4.5 in a total Win2k3 environment.

Any pointers you can give me are appreciated. I do have an “Access Management Console” and depending on where I log in with that I have some different options but I saw nothing like the screenshot provided in that document you provided.

Thanks for your help. I’m really stuck this time on this one.