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I am aware that this could be a server-side (Citrix policy) problem, and the same question has been posted to a Citrix forum. But we are using identical policies on PC-based clients (which works). I would like to hear from anyone who has made dynamic USB mapping from WTOS to XA6.5 work in their environment.

It works for us with the mapdrivesunderZ=U so that USB drives are available while in-session, under a network mounted disk letter (U: in our case). This is not intuitive and hardly dynamic (the user has to close the Explorer window and re-open the drive U: to see resources appearing or disappearing).

When not using the mapdrivesunderZ parameter, we can see the USB storage devices (e.g. as D$) dynamically populating the Client network in XenApp, but no drives are being mapped by the “HDX PnP” function. Even when logging in to the session, no automatic mapping takes place (we have to use a script). There is a visible refresh of Explorer whenever a USB unit is inserted or extracted, so a Windows event is definitely received by the OS.

Should dynamic HDX USB PnP work with WTOS7.1, just like it is on a PC based client (this works in sessions created through the newer Windows-based ICA clients).

As far as I can see there is no HDX involved in the solution that works (mapping all USB drives under a network mounted drive letter).

So does anyone have suggestions on how to get WTOS 7.1 working with HDX USB Plug-and-play on XenApp. I.e. how would we make USB devices appear individually as “Removable Device” in a dynamic fashion while in-session?

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Jorn Grotnes (in the process of converting 18.000 Wyse clients to WTOS).