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I compared your settings and mine and spotted two differences – but honestly not sure if they are related. you can always play with the settings and see if they help or not.

as an FYI – In our config, the wyse terminals logon to the PNA site and auto start our published Desktop so that accounts for other differences you see here.

The two settings I spotted at first glance that were different are:

– yours is UDP – not sure if this matters.

– yours is “yes”. I do not recall why I set this to no. Seems like this option and ReconnectAtlogon might mean the same thing but perhaps not?

also I use =1 for my options because I only wanted disconnected sessions to reconnect. If you use 2, active sessions can be connected as well. We have no need for that so I think it would be confusing for our users. Most people do seem to use =2.

;* General Session *

SessionConfig=ALL MapDisks=yes DisableSound=No MouseQueueTimer=20

;* ICA *

Seamless=yes HideTaskBar=2 FullscreenReserved=yes
PnliteServer=MYAPPS.ourdomain.PVT ReconnectAtLogon=1 ReconnectFromButton=1 AutoConnectList=”XA64 Farm:Citrix Desktop Fullscreen” Timeout=”10″
SessionConfig=ICA DesktopMode=Fullscreen SysMenu=Remote SessionReliability=yes OnDesktop=Desktops AudioQualityMode=Medium mapdisksunderz=no Mapdisks=yes