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I setup the “INI Source Settings” using the System Settings GUI to “Use local INI files only”, which I read about in the document “Administrators Guide – Wyse® Enhanced UbuntuTM Linux – Products: T50”.

So, based on the info in the Admin guide and the “Wyse Enhanced Ubuntu Linux INI Files”, I manually created the wlx.ini under /wyse/wlx/ using the local terminal application in the T50.

By the way, just for reference, while checking /var/log/user.log some service was looking for a local ini file for a user called “haldaemon”. I created a simple /wyse/wlx/ini/haldaemon.ini and after the reboot the /var/log/user.log now said that it found the local ini file for that user. So, just based on that, it seems that it is reading/processing ini files stored in the local filesystem.

I just don’t know if I need to set anything else besides “Use local INI files only” under “System Settings -> INI Source Settings”…

Thanks for the taking the time to read this!

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