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@ConfGen wrote:

@Spoolin01, that’s not correct. WDM is still tied to a device license. But to make it easier they give out the Workgroup edition without any restrictions. But again, from a license point of view, you have to have Wyse units. If you buy a Wyse client, you automatically purchase a WDM Workgroup license. If there is a newer WDM version then the one that was available when you bought the client, you are not allowed to update WDM or install the latest version.


Hi ConfGen – first, thanks for this site and your help, I have learned a lot as a noob and non-IT type.

I still don’t fully follow the Wyse licensing terms, it seems. In May I contacted Wyse and detailed that I had a handful of units – some that were more recent but also several (9450/9455/9150) that were clearly many years old, that I bought second hand, and asked about buying a WDM license. I got responses from 3 or 4 people, all eager to help – it’s impressive when a company shows that degree of interest in a small potential customer. They explained WDM Workgroup was free, and directed me to the online process for obtaining the licensing, which I’ve done several times now (it took awhile to figure out the 42 day XP password expiration issue, so I was re-imaging my WDM drive when WDM would lose connection to the ftp database).

Here is their licensing process page:
It states that only units purchased after 15Oct2007 qualify for free licensing of WDM 4.8.5, yet none of their reps said anything about using it with my older units, nor offered to sell a license for them. Perhaps that was because I also had V90Ls made since the cutoff date, though no mention of the purchase date issue was made at all. The licensing terms – at least to the extent they’re described on that page – also don’t address the purchase of 2nd hand units.