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Ok, here is my up date after messing around with this well into the night.

FWIW, the serial device is a 3M touchscreen with a serial interface. I am working with The 3M MicroTouch Drivers (MTD from here forward) The TS Monitor is Made by Stealth Computers. I am running XenServer 5.6 sp2, XenCenter Version NOT SURE, XenDesktop 5. I have upgraded the Xenith to 1.6x also. Maybe I should try one that is not upgraded.

After some advice and looking around on the XenDesktop forums, I found out about USB redirection and turned it on and created some rules that seem to be allowing some communication between the VM and the USB ports. Things got better but are not 100%.

So, now when I plug a USB device into the Xenith, both the Xenith and the VM actually see it. So, the issue now seems to be true/full communication.

I have both a Aten converter and one of the U232-p9s. From what I have read, the U232 device is the only one this is really supported by Wyse. Strangely, I seem to get closer to getting this working with the Aten, But neither one will actually activate the mouse cursor.

Both atapters have send and receive indicators on them. Both will flash to indicate that there is activity when you touch the screen. The Aten gets real active when the MTDs try and load where the U232 just does not seem to get all that excited.

Legacy versions of the MTDs with the Aten device, will actually show that they see the the touch screen. When I run the MTD calibration tool, it will actually act like it recognizes you touching the screen but still no mouse activation. This combination does work on a Physical machine.

With the U232 device, I can not get the MTDs to see the monitor in anyway shape or form. I really think this has to do with IRQs and IO addresses but can not get the adapters to show me where they are configured.

I will be going through the upgrade release notes for the Citrix software here for a while to see if it is worth attempting getting everything upgraded or just stay were we are for now.

Any Insight would be greatly appreciated.