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yes we install a new Cisco router to site when we install th C10 terminals. You will find it difficult to find a home style router to support DHCP option tags.

Yes you can, this is how I did it before we introduced the Cisco 857 solution new solution:

1. create a seperate FTP folder and ini file for these home users with all the settings you want, seperate from your default you use for on network staff. include all the settings you would have included including a link to the external FTP server address and folder (called Fileserver & Root Path if you use ConfGen). we use the same external address for Netscaler FTP and Citrix.

2. add an FTP link on your netscaler to your internal FTP and newly created FTP folder for home users

3. plug home users C10 terminal into a standard broadband connection

4. manually add the external Netscaler FTP IP and Root Path to the Home users C10 terminal

5. If configured correctly it should pickup the ini file through the Netscaler, to double check make a slight change to the ini file i.e. change screen size to see if the terminal picks up the change

I used this method for several weeks until we had a the new Cisco router solution, it works but if the terminal wipes the FTP details for any reason (which we had few times) then the only way to fix it is either manually talk the user through adding the FTP IP and folder details or send another preconfigured unit to the home user.

Hope this makes sense