Reply To: WDM 4.8.5 unable to discover thin devices

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i don’t know if this problem also occurs in ISS6. In my case the HTTP string send from the Thin Client to the WDM was to long. If you install MS Hotfixes etc. The hagent web string can get very long.

IIS 7.5 blocks these kind of big strings because of a security measure.

IIS 6 won’t probably blocks this, but you can try to google for this problem.

To make sure you can check you iis logs files. Open the latest log file and check for strings started with 2011-07-15 13:49:45 [WDM IP] GET /hserver.dll &V01|&IMAC=

At the end of the string i got 404 15 0 0 .. if you get a 404 15 0 0 iis blocks you request because of the problem mentioned above.

If you cannot find it send me a pm.. maybe i can watch remotely to help you.

@BertVV wrote:

Good morning,
one question to this matter. I’m using IIS6.0 (Server2003R2) but I can not find the settings lilke you mentioned below. If I go the the mentioned rapport http site (in my case MyWDM) I don’t have the option the you describe under view. can you help me out here?