Reply To: General question regarding wyse’s windows embedded 7 clients

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the WES based units could be used to install Windows apps or drivers locally. So, this answer is a YES.
Now the configuration part.
WES devices are managed with the Wyse Device Manager WDM. You can deploy any kind of package from WDM to one or many devices. Those packages could be a complete image (could be currently up to 4 GB), an app, a registry key, etc, etc.
There is no wnos.ini or similar available.
If the unit is corrupt or somehow misconfigured, you can deploy a new image to the device and you are fine again.
But as the WES devices are protected by a so called File Based Write Filter FBWF, it is very rare that any misconfigurations could happen at all. Even if something was installed or configured without the permission (and only the admin has the right by default), then everything is gone after a reboot.