Reply To: V10LE still hangs with thin OS 7.0.0_30

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So far, I have not had but one complaint from any of my users about their V10L locking up. I believe that turning off the secure tunneling feature on my connection server has taken some stress of the connection server and has allowed my terminals to communicate directly to the desktop.

Also, after going back through the View 4.5 Installation guide, I have noticed that the recommended hardware for 4.5 running on Server 2008 R2 is 10GB of RAM. I only started with 4GB. In fact, the documentation mentions the Java Virtual Machine Heap memory sizing, that if you install View with less than 10GB of RAM that the Java VM process would be allocated 512MB of RAM. If you install it with 10GB, the Java VM would be given 2GB. The Java VM’s responsibility is to handle the secure tunnel connection for all sessions. The documentation reads that, on a 64-bit machine, the only way to adjust the size of the Java VM heap memory is to uninstall View, add more memory and reinstall the software.

Hope all this helps.