Reply To: RDP to C10LE 7.x from Server 2003 and receive protocol error

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I turned compression off at the C10 client and tried it in the wnos.INI file as well (added the line “NoReducer=yes ” in my RDP Session) The only noticible difference is Instead of instantly getting the pop-up error message….. I get a screenshot of the C10 and then the error message “due to a protocal error……” It kicks me out of the RDP session to the terminal server (that I established from an XP workstation) but the session the C10 has established with the terminal server is unaffected.

I’ve seen a couple of blogs concerning Server 2008 Terminal Services but the issue is a bit different from mine. I’ve had the support call open for 2-weeks with Wyse and they don’t have the answer as of yet.