Reply To: V10LE still hangs with thin OS 7.0.0_30

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I was able to make it through the whole day yesterday, running 7.0.0_30 and secure tunneling disabled, without any reports of freezing or hanging.
I got 7.0.0_34 from my WYSE SE and I put it out there before I left. I have our terminals set to bounce daily at 3AM so they all should have gotten the code. As I was walking through the door this morning I got a call forma user with a frozen terminal with the red X on the screen.
I am putting 7.0.0_30 back out there and will run with that for a few days and report back.

CG, I know there aren’t any customer facing release notes for 7.0.0_34, but do you have anything you can provide as to what was changed/fixed?