Reply To: V10LE still hangs with thin OS 7.0.0_30

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i was afraid of that. I just got my hands on 7.0.0_34, but it sounds like its not going to fix our freezing problem.

MacQueen, are you using VMware View? 4.5?
on your connection servers, do you have the “use secure tunnel” checked?

i just turned off secure tunneling last night and am testing it today. no complaints yet, but it is still early.

if you have a security server, secure tunneling must be used on the connection server that your securiy server is tied to. if you have a secondary connection server you can turn off tunneling on it and point your internal users to it.

when tunneling is turned off your traffic between your WYSE terminals and your desktop is tunneled through the connection server and may cause slowness or freezing if the connection server fails to respond (at least thats my guess)
when tunneling is turned off the traffic is sent directly from your WYSE terminal to the VM.

I will report back after the day is over as to whether or not this has solved my issue.
still running 7.0.0_30…