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You might find you need to set the DHCP Scope Option 186 to your WDM Server IP Address so the Wyse Client knows where to look for the WDM server. Having never played with WDM Server(s) and clients across different subnets I can only say it should work 🙂 .
When trying to delete an image (or other package/client) you’ll need to make sure there are no active tasks, so go to Scheduled Packages and delete any updates concerning the image/package/client. I’m still getting to understand how the new Merlin imaging process works (so someone else might be able to correct me here if I’m wrong) but I think to use the Non-PXE Option, you need to have the client turned on and booted to windows, then create the job to pull the image, which will tell the HAgent service running on the machine to tell the boot agent it shouldn’t boot to the HDD (or flash in this case). If you’re using PXE (you might need to check that Boot from LAN is enabled on that client) then create the job and right click on it and select Roll to Boot and turn the client on (but again, you might need to set that DHCP Scope option, otherwise the terminal may not be able to find the WDM Server).

Hope that helps you. WDM can take a little effort to get setup and learn how to use, but once you get to know it, you can use it to save yourself alot of time in the long run. Let us know how you go. Also, Welcome to the forum! 😀