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Awesome ConfGen! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I’m getting more comfortable with the device and liking it a lot compared to an HP thin client I’ve previously tested.

Some more questions inline with your answers.

@ConfGen wrote:

3. xpress.rom is only available through Wyse support and not really needed as the BIOS does not change often.

Regarding the BIOS:

– Every time the device boots and connects to the FTP server I can see that it tries to download xpress.rom and fails. Is this normal?

– Should the BIOS settings such as: password, time, date be configured before deploying a new S10?

– There is a video memory setting which can be configured from 4-16MB (default 9MB). How do I know what to set this to?

@ConfGen wrote:

8. Until WTOS 6.x is was copied. Starting with WTOS7 only a small bootfile is stored locally and rest is loaded at boottime. Therefore for WTOS7 on S-class a persistent connection is needed. Not with WTOS 6.x or lower.

So, when using WTOS7 the RCA_boot is stored on the device and on startup it loads RCA_wnos from the FTP server? If the connection to the server is lost will the S10 still function until the next reboot or will it crash?

Thanks for your continued support!