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OK so there seems to be a bit of confusion…

The ftp server we are using is working as it should, as I can make changes to the configuration files and they are received. What we’re having issues with is the http reporting to the wyse device manager server, which seems to have gone pear-shaped since the upgrade to 4.8. When the terminals are on, they periodically checkin with the wdm server by posting their details to a http address (http://wdmserver/hserver.dll). There appears to be 2 types of checkin, a “small” checkin, and a full checkin. I’m making an assumption that periodically a full checkin has to occur, and for the rest of the time a small checkin is used. I’ve checked some of our terminals that are not checking in according to wdm, and they are attempting a full checkin, and the wdm server is returning “&ER|Agent Not Sending valid value”. The terminals that are checking in correctly are just using a small checkin, and this is working, however, according to my assumption, the 20% that we currently have reporting will eventually stop, because they will need to perform a full checkin and will not be able to.

Hope this clears things up,

P.S. The terminals that are not reporting are also showing “HAgent: Invalid Command” in their local event logs.